De Buurtpolitie #19 : Hotel Edelweiss

The Buurtpolitie team sneaks off for a week's ski holiday in Austria. They have booked a hotel more than 3,000 metres above sea level next to a glacier. What looked appealing on the website turns out to be an abandoned inn that is rumoured to have a curse. The previous manager was murdered there and the culprit was never found. Erik is immensely intrigued by the story. The high altitude making it impossible for him to fall asleep anyway, he makes all kinds of strange discoveries at night.

  • Writer & Artist: NIX
  • Pencil cleaning: Benus
  • Inking: Phaedra Derhore
  • Colors: BenBK

  • 32 pages, Dutch
  • EAN : 9789002275531
  • Published nov 22, 2022 by Standaard Uitgeverij
  • Album price: €7.50