De Buurtpolitie #18 : The Truth Mask

An old African mask is stolen from the castle of the Baroness Van Strapatsen. When the fingerprints of cleaning lady Gonda are found on a piece of evidence, the Buurtpolitie (Neighborhood Police) team is suspicious. However, Gonda claims it is a mistake. While cleaning, she touched the piece of evidence. At the same time, she also deleted all files from the computer. A professional mistake, the commissioner judges, and he fires her. Gonda has no choice but to solve the mask robbery herself so she can get her job as a cleaning lady back. Translated with (free version)

  • Writer & Artist: NIX
  • Pencil cleaning: Benus
  • Inking: Phaedra Derhore
  • Colors: BenBK

  • 32 pages, Dutch
  • EAN : 9789002275524
  • Published sep 07, 2022 by Standaard Uitgeverij
  • Album price: €7.50